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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Guam tax amnesty folks get another 30 days to pay

John Camacho, Department of Revenue and Taxation

Guam taxpayers who have promised to pay up their overdue obligations have asked for a break on how to come up with the funds to do it, and the Department of Revenue and Taxation is willing to play ball.

Rev and Tax is extending the deadline to submit payments due as part of the Tax Amnesty program, which accepted applications from May 7 through June 26, 2018. The extension has been granted for a full 30 days from the original date of August 6 to September 5. Close to $34 million dollars is expected to be paid through this program, but only about half has been paid to the Department of Revenue and Taxation as of this week. With the original deadline just days away, a number of participants have approached DRT requesting the deadline extension in order to secure the amount they agreed to pay through means like bank loans, which some taxpayers said are taking time to process. All participants were required to pay 10 percent of the total amount due upfront and the remaining 90 percent within the allotted time frame. “We are working with the people, as we always have. We want to give them an opportunity to succeed and clear their government debt,” said John Camacho, Director of Revenue and Taxation.


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