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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Tugboat seized, 16 persons aboard arrested in Yap

The MicroGames in Yap may be over, but the melodrama of Fahrenheit Co. Ltd of the Philippines and its connection with Yap and its government continues. In the latest development, 16 people who were aboard the tug were arrested, the boat impounded and more arrests are believed likely to follow. The Attorney General in Pohnpei is also reportedly interested in the case.

The tug entered Yap's port of entry last Monday without any required legal documents. An environmental health officer attempted to deny the tug entry based on quarantine issues, but was overruled by Yap Department of Resource Development officials.

The people on board were taken in for illegal entry and refused to sign the agreement stating that they had received the arrest warrants. There will be a hearing on the arrests August 14.

The tugboat is owned by Fahrenheit Co, Ltd, the owner of the cruise ship that was impounded in Subic Bay for illegal activities in July 2018 prior to sailing to Yap to provide additional housing and food for the sports delegations attending the Micro Games. The agreement for that aborted ship arrival was with the Yap State Department of Resource & Development. Still open are charges of illegal recruitment and false registration documents.

At least one of those arrested in Yap was also arrested when the cruise ship was seized in Subic Bay and has an apparent connection with a Yap R & D official.


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