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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Fahrenheit rising in Yap as illegal tug is allowed to tie up

From the folks who didn't get the cruise ship to the Micro-Games

On Monday, July 30, 2018 at 11:30 a.m., a tugboat entered Yap’s Port of Entry without legal documents including Port Clearance, Maritime Declarations of Health, Deratting Certificates or Customs Clearance.

The Environmental Health Services Health Quarantine officer attempted to deny the tugboat Ocean Support entry to the port by diverting it to the quarantine buoy near Nungoch Island. But the Port Agent informed EHS that officials from Yap State Department of Resource and Development do not want to the tugboat to be moved away from the dock.

The tugboat is owned by Fahrenheit Co, Ltd, the owner of the cruise ship that was impounded in Subic Bay for illegal activities in July 2018 prior to sailing to Yap to provide additional housing and food for the sports delegations attending the Micro Games. The agreement for that aborted ship was with the Yap State Department of Resource & Development. Still open are charges of illegal recruitment and false registration documents.

According to International Health Regulations, EHS cannot grant legal entry to a vessel of this type without proper documentation such as Maritime Declarations of Health, vaccination shots and deratting certificates among others. Since the Yap State government has attempted to impose its will on the proceedings in order to get around legal health requirements, EHS has asked other higher ups in the Department of Health Services to assist with the illegal entry.


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