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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Guam candidate Ridgell pledges cap on his contributions

Statement from Guam Senate candidate Clynt Ridgell:

"When I announced my plans to run for the office of senator, I said we need to restore trust in our island's leaders and in the government. I said I would work to earn that trust. Through honesty and transparency I will prove that I am a credible, real candidate.

This is why I will be setting a self-imposed cap on campaign contributions. Every person, business, entity or organization will only be able to donate a maximum amount of $50 in total. It means, no big money. It means my soul is not for sale. It means no special interests can buy me. It means my only interest is and will be the best interests of the people of Guam.

Why am I doing this? Because I believe it is the only way that I can ensure that there are no strings attached, to ensure that I can make the right decision and do the right thing always. I’m doing this because it will level the playing field. I don’t want my campaign to be funded by a select few, to be funded by the rich or the elite. I want a campaign that everyone can participate in whether rich or poor.

Some probably think this is a crazy idea. What’s crazy to me is repeating the same things and expecting different results. This is why I’m doing things differently. I won’t leave it in the hands of big money and big business to elect me. I will leave it in the people’s hands. The way democracy was meant to be. If the people want a leader who will do things differently in order to get different results, if they want a leader who will make the right decisions based on facts and not based on favors that are owed, if they want a leader who will be honest and fair, then vote for someone different. Vote for me. I believe if the people want me as a senator then they’ll fund my campaign and they'll vote for me. I’ll leave it in their hands.

This is why I’m not going to take the easy route. This is why I’m going to take the road less traveled. This is why I’m doing things the hard way. Because it is the honest way and I believe the only way to ensure that I won’t owe anyone anything. Instead, I will owe every one some thing, and that is to do the right thing even when its the most difficult thing. To do the right thing….always."


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