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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Former Guam AG Douglas Moylan seeks the office again

Guam first elected Attorney General, Douglas Moylan, has formally announced he is seeking the office again. Moylan lost his bid for a second term in 2007.

By all accounts at the time, Moylan's tenure in the office was rarely dull.

Moylan was never hesitant to file lawsuits though he did not have a consistent track record of winning in court. He sued former Gov. Carl T.C. Gutierrez and his political appointees, but lost these cases. He tested the boundaries of his perceived powers. He repeatedly tried to make it a point that everyone understood the attorney general was the “chief legal officer” of the government when he sued the airport authority for retaining costly private legal counsel

.Moylan also won his lawsuit against Camacho to compel him to appoint members to the Procurement Appeals Board, but lost other cases involving the EITC, the Guam Election Commission, the Guam Police Department and the Guam Airport Authority’s legal services contracts.

According to his news release, Moylan claims credit for the creation of a Government Corruption Division which obtained criminal convictions against about 26 government officials for corruption-related offenses. He says he also increased collections of child support with the “Love your Kids” program and scored a win before the U.S. Supreme Court that stopped govt. officials from "unlawful and ruinous borrowing by GovGuam."

If elected, Moyland said he would, "aggressively identify, prosecute and work to deport any non-US citizen or illegal immigrant that violates our laws, especially ones committing sex crimes or violence against women or children; and prosecute sexual harassment in the workplace."


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