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Taitague campaigns for healthy families, stronger Guam

Telo Taitague wants to help create a healthier and stronger island community by helping to improve public healthcare facilities on Guam. On June 11, she took her first step in this effort by filing required documents with the Guam Election Commission. The former senator intends to build upon her previous work in the Guam Legislature and prioritize the development of a new Guam Memorial Hospital facility.

“The hardworking men and women who work at GMHA continue to provide our families and guests the best healthcare possible.

Unfortunately, the existing facility is more than 40 years old and doesn’t have the capacity to meet the needs of Guam’s growing population. Rather than investing $125 million (money we don’t have at this time) on upgrades to the current building, policymakers should consider the possibility of constructing a new hospital. The new facility can be paid for with proceeds from lease agreements on the current and former GMHA sites,” said Taitague.

“Access to healthcare services is one thing; the availability of a safe, clean, and modern public hospital facility is a separate but equally important issue. On a personal level, I understand very well the importance of having the right medical facilities and resources available when you need it most.”

Taitague continues her public service with the government of Guam as the governor’s Liaison for Legislative Affairs. She served as a member of the 30th Guam Legislature, and served previously as Deputy General Manager of the Guam Visitors Bureau and Director of the Bureau of Women’s Affairs. She was also a small business owner offering services in photography and apparel.

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