Search panel defends selection of 3 finalists for UOG post

Entrance to the Universiity of Guam  #sign

The University of Guam Presidential Search Committee defends its list of finalists for UOG president, amid mounting criticisms over its selection of three off-island candidates with disputable records.

William Leon Guerrero, committee chairman, said all candidates went through thorough evaluations during the “extremely rigorous” selection process.

“The Presidential Search Committee (PSC) is aware that the community has expressed several concerns about the individuals selected to be the final three candidates as well as the search process,” said William Leon Guerrero, committee chairman. “This is understandable because many people care about the university and want what’s best for the institution.”

Named finalists were Dr. Thomas W. Krise; Dr. Bruce T. Murphy and Dr. Hamid Shirvani. In the final selection process, one of them will take over the seat Dr. Robert Underwood, who is retiring on June 30 after 10 years as head of