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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

Attorney Leevin Taitano Camacho announces bid for AG

Attorney Leevin T. Camacho announced he is running for Attorney General of Guam—making him the first candidate to officially seek the island’s highest legal office.

Camacho, 40, has been a lawyer in Guam for twelve years and has operated a successful private practice for the past seven. He has extensive experience in civil and criminal litigation and has also taken a lead role in several lawsuits to uphold the rights of the people of Guam— from representing the residents of Pago Bay fighting a controversial high-rise development to challenging the federal government over the construction of a massive firing range complex over Pågat Village.

Camacho says, “Being from Guam, it is a distinct honor to be in a position to advocate for individuals and issues that have substantial implications for our island and future generations.” “After much reflection, I feel strongly that now is the time to serve in a position of greater influence,” says Camacho. “Our island needs confidence that our government agencies are following the rules and that the criminal justice system is working. This is important because we need a balanced government that works toward providing for our well-being and safety. I believe that my background and experience will help build on the work that has been undertaken by past Attorney Generals and Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson. Representing the interests of the government and the People is the work of the Office of the Attorney General. And being the Attorney General is a job I would be honored to do.

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