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Sen. Aguon: Land Trust must make leases, licenses public

It took land clearing for a road through prime Guam Barrigada Heights property to gain public attention to the activities of the Chamorro Land Trust Commission, which appear to be geared toward benefiting the politically and family connected members of the community. And apparently CLTC presently doesn't have to inform the public when it hands out land and grants leases and licenses.

Now Senator Frank Blas Aguon, Jr. has introduced Bill No. 283-34 (COR) relative to mandating the Notification of Intent to Award Leases or Licenses of Chamorro Homelands, as well as the Reporting and Posting Requirements of Approved Leases and Licenses of Chamorro Homelands. Current law also does not require the Chamorro Land Trust Commission to notify the public prior to the awarding of CLTC properties as well as publishing any and all approved CLTC leases and licenses.

“Unfortunately, the public concerns extend far beyond the CLTC land leases in Barrigada Heights," Senator Aguon said. "The issue at hand is the lack of transparency, the lack of accountability, and the lack of integrity of the administration of the CLTC program. Bill 283 is one of a two-part measure to end these issues with the CLTC program. Next week, I will be introducing the second measure. It is important that we restore faith and trust in our government and with the CLTC program.”

Additionally, the Administration has appointed Vincent Leon Guerrero to assist in the management and operations of the Chamorro Land Trust Commission and the Department of Land Management to address concerns relating to CLTC leases in Barrigada Heights.

“While I am confident in Mr. Leon Guerrero’s extensive management abilities, he lacks the authority to implement the necessary corrective steps to address the multitude of concerns regarding the Administration of the CLTC program," Senator Aguon said. "Furthermore, the Chamorro Land Trust Commission has yet to adopt rules, regulations, and policies to govern the conduct of the Administration of the CLTC program, thus in violation of 21 GCA 75103(a). The Commission must immediately adopt rules, regulations, and policies for the CLTC program.”


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