How will you fix the Guam Memorial Hospital?

The Guam Memorial Hospital is the staple of news, with the same running stories that get recycled under different administrations for more than a decade. The public hospital has a revolving door for administrators, who are confronted by the same bundles of seemingly unsolvable problems including poor billing and collection systems, questionable expenditures, outdated fees and low cash inflow, operational and financial mismanagement, overcrowding and bed shortage, low medical supply, insurance disputes, unpaid debts to vendors, unremitted retirement contributions, and so on and so forth.

Every now and then, new laws are passed, new taxes are levied and new debts are incurred but GMH only proves to be bottomless pit, operating on a $30-million operational deficit every year. How will the new administration break the back of the beast?

For the second in our series of Q&A with gubernatorial candidates, we asked these obviously generic questions: How do you intend to fix the Guam Memorial Hospital? Is privatization a viable option?