Governor Calvo finds new way to 'lobby' for his tax increase bill

The normal way a chief executive such as Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo goes about achieving his legislative goals involves a combination of some soft soap out front for public consumption, while quietly letting opposition legislators know there will be bad consequences for them if they don't do his bidding.

On Friday, Governor Calvo skipped all the subtle stuff, instead showing up at the Guam Legislature near midday, berating members loudly and individually and demanding that if they won't pass his bill (245-34), that they resign.

The governor's communication shop at Adelup had been backing up this direct barrage on the lawmakers for a couple of days, jamming nearly 30 news releases into the in-boxes of local media, attacking individual legislators by name and the body itself.

A clearly angry Calvo told the senators, "If you're going to allow me the responsibility for signing someone's layoff, I'm looking at everyone of you straight in the eye and say 'you resign.' Because you did not work with this administration to keep this government stable and to keep this economy moving forward."