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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Guam cockpit board comes back to life

The popular Dededo Game Club, also known as the Dededo Cockpit, has been doing plenty of business in recent years, even though it doesn't have a license to operate. This hasn't been unknown to the Department of Revenue, which by Guam law is supposed to be regulating such activities.

Apparently, the stated fact that the unlicensed facility has been paying the business privilege tax has allowed it to avoid closure.

Now the Cockpit License Board has found a quorum of members and plans to authorize two cockpit facilities on island. An invitation for bids will be announced after the board has finalized the details for the process. A decision on the new licenses is expected by March.

According to officials, the Dededo pit will have to bid for one of the two planned licenses. Guam law authorizes three licenses, one each for the north, south and central areas.


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