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Governor Calvo pranked by Russian comedians

Guam Homeland Security claims gubetno wasn't fooled

Vovan (Vladimir Kuznetsov) and Lexus (Alexei Stolyarov)

Photo attributed to Pravda,the Russian newspaper. 'Pravda' translates as 'truth' in Russian

A couple of Russian comedians caused quite a stir in Adelup last September, with a phone call accepted by Governor Eddie Baza Calvo.

Did he bite for the pitch? Click on the call (above).

This came at a particularly sensitive time, just after North Korea had been threatening Guam with nuclear annihilation as part of Pyongyang's hot dispute with President Donald Trump.

According the the YouTube website, which posted the exchange, "The pranksters pose as Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and discuss the issue regarding rocket supply from Ukraine to North Korea. The pranksters also warn the Governor about dangerous Admiral Lukashenko who is directing Belarusian navy to the shores of Guam. The Governor promises to convey all the information to President Trump."

Responding to clearly unwanted worldwide publicity about this exchange, Adelup and Guam's Homeland Security Office responded with a humor-free press release.

"In September 2017, an email was sent to Adelup, seemingly from the office of the Ukraine Prime Minister requesting a phone call with Governor Calvo regarding the North Korea threat. This followed international media attention on Guam regarding the North Korea threats, and official visits from international officials —including the Chinese ambassador to the U.S. along with his deputy —there was a request to speak to the Governor. The email did include facts and verifiable information, allowing the phone call to occur.

Governor Calvo handled the phone call well. He noted partway through the call that something was not right. Governor Calvo was gracious and completed the call in a professional manner.

During the phone call, topics such as the poor quality of missiles sold to North Korea and the military fleet capabilities of the Ukraine were discussed. These professional pranksters also requested that Governor Calvo make the phone call public and share the discussion with President Trump. None of these requests were acted upon."

According to Pravda, which despite its name is not known for telling the truth, "In the beginning of their career the jokers played pranks on Russian showbiz stars. Then they turned their attention to important international figures: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, the Croatian prime minister, the president of sports anti-doping agency WADA… The pranks had a political nature and over time the humor paled. Details could emerge about how no one in NATO is waiting for Ukraine or who is financing the protests in Russia."

Apparently this time, it was Governor Calvo's turn.


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