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Guam lawmaker lashes Public Works on faded road markers

Like a lot of Guam drivers, Joe S. San Agustin is wondering whatever became of maintaining lane striping, curb and crosswalk painting and replacement of failed reflectors.

Unlike most of those drivers, Senator Joe S. San Agustin had an immediate remedy available. He has sent a letter to Department of Public Works Director Glenn Leon Guerrero demanding an update on lane striping, curb and crosswalk painting and reflector replacement on major island roadways since the start of the fiscal year.

Guam residents have all experienced the poor state of the stripes and reflectors up and down Guam's roads, especially when driving at night or in rain. These hazardous conditions have likely contributed to traffic and pedestrian accidents, some resulting in death. Blackened curbs and missing crosswalk lines at numerous intersections are a serious hazard in already poorly lit intersections.

Since the passing of GovGuam's fiscal 2018 budget, no visible projects to address road striping, curb painting or other safety markings have begun. Sen. San Agustin is seeking a status update on where DPW is at with getting these projects off the ground. He is also seeking input on increasing the number of diagonal crossings in intersections where pedestrians have had close encounters with motorists.

The current diagonal crossing, also called a pedestrian scramble, at the intersection in front of TGI Friday's in Tumon, functions well and increases the safety of our visitors and residents. Similar crossings could be helpful in areas of Hagåtña, Tumon and Tamuning where pedestrians risk life and limb trying to cross in or near a faded crosswalk while motorists are turning right on red.

Increasing safety for motorists and pedestrians can be as simple as a coat of paint. The difference between driving at night in the north versus the south is profound — there are long stretches where there are no lanes marked at all. Maintaining the paint on our roads will increase safety for all of our residents.


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