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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Governor Calvo gets an H2B visa fix promise from President Trump

Governor Calvo presses his case with

the president (Governor's office photos)

Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo has repeatedly expressed frustration with Washington's nearly 100 percent rejection of H2B visas to bring in skilled foreign construction workers. He's been to the capital to make the point that the Guam military buildup simply isn't going to happen, given this continued federal government policy.

So the Governor caught up with President Donald Trump Saturday to continue to make his case. And he is claiming success in extracting a promise from the president.

During his presidential campaign and in his ten months in office so far, President Trump has been no slouch at making promises, yet he has no major accomplishments to show for all the promises and claims that he'll bend the government to his will, the latest being that Congress will pass a tax overhaul to his specifications, which have often shifted.

Saturday night the United States Pacific Command hosted an event in Hawaii and Governor Eddie Baza Calvo had an opportunity to speak directly with President Trump about the H2B issue on Guam, according to a press release from the governor's office.

“I have been working diligently to resolve the H2B issue on Guam, and tonight, I had a chance to address my concerns to the President and he assured me that it will be resolved,” said Governor Calvo according to the release. The H2B issue started at the end of the Obama administration and compromises national security as well as negatively impacting our fragile economy. The Governor also expressed how hard he has tried to work with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, including the recently appointed Director Lee Cissna. “I also had a chance to meet with President Trump’s Chief of Staff, John Kelly, and we will be working together as an order by the President to move forward in finally resolving the H2B crisis,” added Governor Calvo. "My dear people of Guam, this is great news for us and I look forward to our continued work, together with the President, towards a successful island and nation.”


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