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Breastfeeding Support for Chuukese Women in Guam and Micronesia

Chuukese women seeking breastfeeding support in their own language now have access to several educational videos, which Guam Regional Medical City helped produce.

It's part of an ongoing project in cooperation with Global Health Media to provide educational materials in the various languages spoken by our patient partners.

The need was first identified by GRMC's pediatric and newborn team who found that, in some cases, language was a barrier preventing the nursing staff from sharing important information with new mothers about the care for their newborns. To overcome that barrier, they reached out to Global Health Media, an organization that has produced a variety of health educational videos currently in use by the World Health Organization, UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders, among others. The GRMC nursing team selected 4 Global Health Media breastfeeding videos, and then arranged to have a local Chuukese translator translate them into Chuukese. The 4 Global Health Media breastfeeding videos now available in Chuukese are:

1. Positions for Breastfeeding - Napanapen Om Oup Noum Monukon 2. Attaching Your Baby at the Breast - Usun Om Oupu Noum Monukon 3. Increasing Your Milk Supply - Usun An Epwe Wate Chonun Oupum 4. Is Your Baby Getting Enough Milk? - Mi Nafoch Unumen Noum We Monukon Chonun Ooup These videos are now freely available on the Global Health Media website: GRMC hopes to continue its cooperation with Global Health Media to produce additional health videos in the other languages spoken in our region.


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