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Reassuring: Guam firefighters pass anti-drug check

A drug sweep conducted at the Dededo [Guam] Fire Station Friday came up negative.

“This is great news,” said acting Governor Ray Tenorio. “Since February, this administration has been pushing back against the insidious reach of illegal drugs, and the first step is to clean house within our government agencies and get help for those who need it.”

Earlier this year, the administration signed an executive order that created the MANDANA Drug Task Force in recognition that a greater effort was required to safeguard our residents from the anticipated growth of illegal drugs, particularly, methamphetamine or ice. Governor Calvo tasked Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio to lead this effort. They also required all executive branch agencies to step-up drug tests and sweeps to reinforce the need for a safe work environment within GovGuam.

“This is part of GFD’s drug-free workplace enforcement program that serves to both validate that GFD and its employees are drug free,” stated acting Fire Chief Joey San Nicolas.

He added that random drug tests were also part of GFD’s ongoing effort to maintain a healthy work place.

“It also serves as a reminder to everyone that we must each do our part to ensure it remains that way, for our safety as individuals, but also the safety of our fellow firefighters and of course the people of Guam who rely on us to be at the top of our game whenever there’s an emergency,” the Fire Chief stated.

Acting Governor Ray Tenorio added: “Thank you to Chief Joey and all of the firefighters who understand that we’re all a part of something greater — and the fight to rid our island of these toxins is integral to setting up a bright future for our children and future generations.”


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