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New law means you can swap your CNMI driver's license for a Guam one

Acting Governor Ray Tenorio signed Bill 123-34 into law Friday. Senator Wil Castro introduced the bill that aims to bridge the gap between the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam.

"This bill just makes sense. It eases the transition for students or workers between the islands of the Marianas," acting Governor Ray Tenorio stated. "I'm glad I can be a part of this effort to help our brothers and sisters as they seek economic and educational opportunity."

The bill allows residents of the CNMI who are United States citizens - and who have held a driver's license for no less than one year - may exchange his or her unexpired CNMI driver's license for a Guam's driver's license.

"This is intended to reduce, if not absolutely remove those artificial barriers that separate our two jurisdictions, our one great Chamorro Nation," said Senator Will Castro.

Acting Governor Tenorio was joined today by Senator Wil Castro, former Senator and Special Assistant on External Affairs Tony Ada, Special Assts. Eric Palacios and Vince Leon Guerrero, and DISID Director Ben Servino as he signed the bill into law.

"We should continue to collaborate with our brothers and sisters in the region on public policy that unites us," said Acting Governor Tenorio.


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