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  • By Bruce Lloyd

U.S. Congressman Wilson praises new Trump N. Korea sanctions and resolve to defend Guam

Representative Joe Wilson, Republican, South Carolina

Visiting Guam for the fifth time as part of a U.S. congressional delegation, Rep. Joe Wilson made clear his support of President Trump's just announced punitive economic sanctions against North Korea and praised the president's commitment to the defense of Guam from that country's continuing nuclear threats.

Congressman Wilson, a South Carolina Republican, is best known for screaming "You lie" at President Obama during an event in 2009. He serves on the House Committee on Armed Services and is Chairman of the Subcommittee on Military Personnel.

President Trump's new American sanctions on North Korea are intended to further choke off its trade with the outside world and have been described as perhaps the most sweeping set of punitive economic measures enacted by the United States in many years.

Wilson said the delegation, which includes Guam Delegate Madeleine Z. Bordallo, American Samoa Delegate Amata Coleman Radewagen and Missouri Rep. Vicky Hartzler, were briefed on the progress toward the Marine transfer from Okinawa to Guam during a stop on Okinawa. Wilson said the move was proceeding "in a very positive way."

During a meeting with the delegation and military leaders before a session with local media, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo reiterated his concern that absent a change allowing H2B foreign construction workers into Guam again, billions in new defense and civilian projects will be threatened. Both Bordallo and Wilson cited progress in modifying existing immigration labor policies.

And Wilson emphasized defense comes first:

"The irresponsibility of the dictatorship in Pyongyang puts all of the world at risk. Not just Guam, not just Korea, not Japan and the west coast of the United States. I am really grateful for President Trump’s very clear estimate of the danger to the world that needs to be addressed... The president’s resolve is very clear, there’s no equivocation. He will defend American citizens and Guam comes first. And America first."


Governor Calvo, Delegates Bordallo and Radewagen

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