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Guam governor's office fleshes out proposal to shelter homeless

Adelup is making an earlier proposal earlier made by Governor Eddie Baza Calvo concrete through a solicitation for proposals to provide a multi-unit apartment to provide overnight housing for Guam's homeless population.

The Guam Housing Corporation has been tasked by Governor Calvo to find an apartment building consisting of 15 units or more and has published a newspaper notice to that effect. “The goal of the (notice) is to see how many landlords out there are interested in leasing an apartment complex to the government for this purpose. If we find there is interest in an area that is acceptable, we will begin discussions on funding the project and issuing an request for proposals,” said GHC President Chris Duenas. Governor Calvo wants a facility where homeless or temporarily displaced persons can seek shelter at night. "We want to help our people and families who are in need and provide them safe shelter in the evenings,” the Governor said. The proposed facility is outlined as follows: Ø Users would check into the facility in the evening and check out in the morning. The facility is not intended to serve as a long-term housing solution. Ø The shelter would allow police officers to drop off those who would have taken shelter in public places in the evening- such as parks and local businesses. Ø The facility would also serve as a hub for faith-based organizations, NGO’s and social services to assist clients in getting back on their feet. Ø It would also serve as a pickup point for daily job opportunities as well as employment programs. Ø The facility would eventually evolve into a hub of services for people to get back on their feet. The administration, a few years ago, created emergency shelters for individuals and families. And it claims success in helping families work their way to more permanent solutions, but the emergency shelters fill up quickly and helping people get back on their feet takes time. “My office receives calls from persons and families who are temporarily displaced from their home for one reason or another. This facility would serve as an immediate solution to help those in need while a longer-term solution is sought,” Governor Calvo said. The Calvo-Tenorio administration has recently launched initiatives to combat poverty on Guam. In addition to the proposed homeless shelter, Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and former senator Tony Ada are leading an initiative that will offer tuition-free college and trades school opportunities to high school graduates. “Education is a key solution that goes to the root of the issue,” Tenorio said.


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