GRMC attacks Guam's number one killer, heart disease, with new program

Guam Regional Medical City Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Joseph Wiedermann has launched a new cardiac care program at GRMC for the victims of heart attacks.

“What we’re building is a full 24 hour, 7 day a week STEMI program,” said Dr. Wiedermann, “so that anybody who has a heart attack anywhere on the island of Guam will be brought immediately here to GRMC and have their blocked artery re-opened and normal blood flow to the heart restored.”

“However time is critical,” said Dr. Wiedermann. “The standard of care for intervention of heart attacks requires you to meet a 90 minute window within arrival to the ER. However, the most crucial time interval is how early the patient comes to the hospital once the chest pain starts. The sooner the patient arrives in the ER, the sooner we can open the artery, and the more heart muscle is saved.”

Dr. Wiedermann specializes in complex coronary disease and he has put together a support team that now offers fast, minimally-invasive, corrective interventions to relieve the impact of life-threatening STEMI type heart attacks before permanent damage, or death occurs. STEMI stands for “ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction“. It’s a serious type of heart attack that happens when one of the heart's major arteries becomes completely blocked.