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As Hurricane Irma rages through the Caribbean toward Florida, Guam church is cranking up relief effo

The Archdiocese of Agana is organizing relief assistance for victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas led by Kamalen Karidat and Catholic Social Service.

In a letter sent to Pastors, Rectors, Administrators, and Principals this week, the Archdiocese asks individuals and groups in its parishes, schools and organizations to help the multitudes of people hurt by the recent hurricane.

“Our local community knows all too well the disaster and destruction a strong storm can inflict on each and every one of us,” said Father Mike Crisostomo, Executive Director of Kamalen Karidat. “We have endured many days and nights in the devastation left by these powerful storms.”

“… I write to ask for your support for the people of Texas suffering from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. In our hearts and in a spirit of charity, we are all called upon to assist in the relief efforts and to begin the recovery period,” said Father Mike.

Father Mike said: “We ask each parish community to reach out to every person, group, and organization, to raise the funds to be donated to the Catholic Charities of the USA. This organization is on site and is already engaging in the relief and recovery efforts. Your kindness will go far in helping those who are truly in need of our help.

Additionally, Kamalen Karidat and Catholic Social Service ask each parish to designate funds (from any collection) to the Catholic Charities of the USA for the Texas recovery and relief efforts. In the schools, they ask the school administrators to reach out to their school community for donations.

Please send all monetary donations to Kamalen Karidat, Inc., or Catholic Social Service to insure delivery to the needy in Texas. Donations will be accepted until the end of September.

Please contact either Father Mike at Kusina Kamalen (671-472-4569), or Diana Calvo at Catholic Social Service (635-1406),


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