Too rich to qualify for Medicaid, Too poor to afford health insurance; Guam health care reform bill

If you are earning a notch above the federal poverty threshold, you don’t qualify for food stamps, housing assistance, Medicaid or the Medically Indigent Program. You can’t negotiate. As far as the system is concerned, you make too much to receive government aid; you’re good to be on your own. But you know you’re not. Your paycheck is barely enough for your family to get by. You’re stuck in the economic purgatory.

The hardest part, of course, is getting health care. For low to middle income earners, buying health insurance is out of the question.

“There is a big middle class and working individuals that don’t have insurance because they make one dollar more over the 108 federal poverty level. So even with one dollar, you don’t qualify for Medicaid of MIP. Same with the self-employed or those working for a company that doesn’t offer health insurance,” said Sen. Dennis Rodriguez Jr., chair of the Guam legislature’s health committee.