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  • GRMC News Release

125 Beds Now Available at Guam Regional Medical City

Nurse Manager Jennifer Cruz, Chief Nursing Officer Kathleen Ho,

RN Jennifer Buan, RN Eloisa Sioco, and RN Raizzah Reyes

Guam Regional Medical City has opened up 10 additional beds in its 4th floor Surgical II unit. That raises to 125 the total number of beds now available, 11 shy of the hospital's eventual capacity of 136 beds. "This goes a long way towards alleviating the chronic shortage of hospitals beds on Guam," said GRMC President and Chief Operating Officer Dr. Mike Cruz. "It is our nursing strength that has enabled us to provide the round the clock care needed every day to maintain 125 beds. Our staff of nearly 700 now includes 285 nurses." GRMC's patient load has grown along with the bed capacity. In recent months staff has been caring for more than 80 in-patients on a daily basis. Dr. Cruz emphasized that "GRMC continues to serve all patients who come to our emergency room, regardless of capacity to pay." GRMC is celebrating its second anniversary this month. The anniversary theme is "Two Because Of You," which is meant to thank patient partners, their families and the island community for their confidence in us, for supporting its development and sharing its vision to improve the quality of health care in the region.



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