Zero unemployment sounds like the dream for any country, but for Niue in the Pacific, it's provi

Alofi – Alofi is the capital of the Pacific Ocean island nation of Niue, which is located within the Realm of New Zealand.

From a population of more than 5,000 in the 1960s, just 1,700 people now call the coral atoll home. The lack of unemployment is posing a problem if the nation is to grow and remain viable as a country.

Tourism on the island, which asks visitors upon departure how they first heard of the country (newspaper, television or word of mouth), – (relatively) booming with two flights a week now operating. “A lot of our businesses are experiencing times when they can actually expand,” said Catherine Papani of the Niue Chamber of Commerce. Many Niueans work multiple jobs, but there's still aren’t enough people to fill the jobs being created. Some are worried that the country's economy, which relies on millions in foreign aid, could stagnate. “There's no unemployment but that's not to say that we've reached a stage where we don't need more employment coming in,” Papani said. Both New Zealand and Australia have found success with seasonal workers, something Niue is considering. “If we had a structure set up or we could tap into a structure like that already set up then that would actually work well for us,” Papani said.