Won Pat leaves a piece of advice to new senators

Won Pat leaves a piece of advice to new senators

For newcomers in the 34th Legislature, former Speaker Judi Won Pat has this piece of advice: being a senator is more than just writing laws and voting on session floor.

“Writing good laws requires you to be mindful of the people and their situations. It demands that you understand their struggles and empathize with their needs,” Won Pat in her farewell speech at the last session of the 33rd Legislature last week.

The lame duck session was held in the recently-restored Guam Congress Building in Hagåtña, the historic site of the March 5, 1949 walkout by members the Guam Congress who protested against the US Naval government and pushed the island’s quest for self-government and US citizenship. The protest spawned the Organic Act.

“I am honored to stand here today, in this most historic of buildings, in what is our final session of the 33rd Guam Legislature,” said Won Pat, who is among the seven members of the 33rd Legislature who failed in their reelection bids on Nov. 8, 2016.

Members of the 34th Guam Legislature will be sworn in at the inaugurat