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Aguon introduces the “Early Childhood Intervention Leave Act of 2016”

(Press release) In furtherance of past legislative initiatives and executive orders, Sen. Frank B. Aguon, Jr. introduced Bill 392-33 relative to employee leave for parental participation in the early childhood intervention programs for non-school aged children; and shall be cited as the “Early Childhood Intervention Leave Act of 2016.”

The “Early Childhood Intervention Leave Act of 2016” further extends the support to families and support for children granted by Executive Order 98-16 to parents of non-school aged children participating in early childhood intervention programs under the Department of Education Special Education Division. Executive Order 98-16 authorizes Administrative Leave for parents to participate in their children’s school activities in an educational setting.

Aguon affirms that a parent’s involvement in their child’s school activities is paramount for their overall academic and social development. About this legislation, the senator states, “What is important in the growth and development of a child with a developmental delay or disability is their parents’ participation in early childhood intervention programs. These programs are focused on non-school aged children from newborn to three years of age who have been identified for these special education services.

Parents of early childhood intervention program participants should also be afforded the opportunity to request for Administrative Leave as the curriculum requires the parents to participate with Department of Education Special Education Division personnel in order to better service the growing social and academic needs of their child.”

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