Yap receives first shipment of Moderna vaccine

The first shipment of Moderna vaccine arrived in Yap on Jan 14, 2021. Photo courtesy of Amos Collins

Colonia, Yap-- The first shipment of Covid-19 vaccine serum has been delivered to Yap. Although the FSM state remains free of the coronavirus, it is actively preparing for the future reopening of its borders.

On Jan. 14, Amos Collins, director of flight operations for Yap-based Pacific Mission Aviation, arrived from Chuuk with the initial 1,500 doses of the much awaited shipment.

Accompanying Collins on the flight was Dewey Dipwek of the Department of Health Services to assist with the loading and unloading of the precious cargo and ensure its safe handling. It was flown to Chuuk from Pohnpei by Caroline Islands Air where Collins and Dipwek met the plane and transferred the precious cargo.

The container was handled and sanitized following strict protocols established by Yap’s Health Crisis Task Force. All personnel involved in the transfer wore PPE and observed social distancing.

Yap is receiving 15 percent of the vaccine supply that is first sent to Pohnpei for distribution to the four states. Pohnpei is receiving 40 percent of the total supply, Chuuk 33 percent and Kosrae 12 percent.