When church leaders fall

He was an incredibly intelligent, witty, prolific author and highly sought-after speaker, president of a successful, world-class organization that boasted of high-powered speakers defending the faith in high-level academic, social, military and business forums.

But months before he died of cancer, an investigation had started about allegations of rape and sexual harassment. The allegations were proven to be true. The revelations brought a tsunami of deep hurt and anger, leaving in its wake the flotsam and jetsam of wrecked lives and faith of his family, his organization, believers and followers all over the world, not to mention the lasting damage done to the women victims.

To its credit, this leader’s organization eventually recognized the egregious nature of the late leader’s sin.

“To be victimized by unwanted sexual contact, advances and behavior is horrendous. It is diametrically opposed to everything we believe about the value and dignity of every single person,” they posted on their website.

“That a leader under our care sinned against others so grievously pains us. We were trusted by our staff, our donors and the public to mentor, oversee and ensure...accountability...and in this we have failed. The findings of the investigation have caused us to take an extensive and humbling look at ways that we have fallen short, made mistakes and failed to love well. This is an ongoing process that will take significant time, but we are committed to it.”