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UOG Press children’s book series celebrates language and music

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The University of Guam Press is launching the Kantan CHamoru Children’s Books Series at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 4, at the Main Pavilion of the CHamoru Village in Hågatña.

These books reintroduce long beloved songs to young readers, but they also introduce them to new musical voices who are carrying on the tradition,” said Kiana Brown, project manager at the UOG Press.

The Kantan CHamoru Children’s Book Series celebrates emerging voices and honors timeless songs from acclaimed local songwriters including Clotilde Castro Gould, master storyteller and Kåntan CHamorita singer; esteemed recording artist Johnny Sablan; and lifelong educator and advocate Dr. Bernadita Camacho-Dungca.

The series is a collection of four books that celebrate and promote CHamoru culture, values, and language among young readers. Each title is paired with stunning and vivid illustrations of the life and people on Guam.

I Anonsio-hu, written by Pedro Blas and illustrated by Mikaela Sablan captures the vibrancy of the CHamoru culture through an illustrated version of his CHamoru reggae song, “I Anunsio-hu.”

I Wonder Where the Yellow Went, written by Desiree Taimanglo Ventura and illustrated by Lance Osborn, is a song of a little lancheru named Miget who helps to feed his family and village.

I Mambiha na Tiempo, written by Castro Gould and illustrated by Jerilyn Guerrero, brings back the popular tune that celebrates CHamoru elders and reminds youth to cherish time spent with them.

The series also brings Guåhan’s beloved pledge to life in the Inifresi, written by Camacho-Dungca and illustrated by Veroni Sablan.

“The Kantan CHamoru book series celebrates the musical tradition in CHamoru culture,” Brown said. “The lyrics in each poem or song reflect key values for the community, such as the importance of respecting elders, perpetuating cultural practices, and expressing pride in one’s heritage.”

In partnership with Guam Green Growth, UOG Press will be hosting free activities for families and youths at the books’ launch, including a traditional rope weaving demonstration and live musical performances of the books’ songs.

The Katan CHamoru book series is available for a special pre-sale price of $12 in-store at UOG Press and online at The books will be available at local bookstores after the launch.

The University of Guam Press publishes an array of academic and literary books and journals with a specific focus on the unique history, environment, peoples, cultures, and languages of the islands that make up the Western Pacific region.

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