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United expands Hawaii pre-clearance for Guam and Micronesia passengers

Honolulu-bound customers may skip screening process by showing proof of negative Covid test result on Guam

United is also making it easier to get the right tests to avoid Hawaii’s 10-day quarantine by making approved Covid-19 tests available to all customers traveling to the islands.

Currently, a negative Covid-19 test result within 72 hours of departure is required to avoid quarantine.

“We’re making it easier for our customers in Guam and Micronesia who are traveling to Hawaii to spend more time enjoying their trip and less time waiting in lines,” said Sam Shinohara, managing director of Airport Operation for Asia-Pacific at United. “I am pleased that we are able to expand this procedure to Guam to make the Hawaii travel experience easier and more enjoyable.”

To begin the pre-clearance program, customers will enroll in Hawaii’s Safe Travels program and complete Hawaii’s Covid-19 questionnaire within 24 hours from departure.

Next, customers will use the Safe Travels website to upload their negative test results from one of Hawaii’s trusted testing partners which must be taken within 72 hours of their departure. For Guam, the State of Hawaii has listed the Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services and DLS+ as trusted test partners.

At the Guam Airport, customers will see United team members at the gate for their flight to Hawaii where they will receive a wristband if they qualify to bypass airport screening in Hawaii. Customers who have been pre-cleared will be able to skip the mandatory test screenings in Hawaii and begin their trip as soon as they land.

“Our team in Guam is committed to making this process as smooth as possible for Hawaii-bound customers. We are reaching out to the community to create awareness for Hawaii’s travel requirements so all travelers can be prepared to present their negative test results and pre-clear online," Shinohara said.


"When they arrive at the check-in counter, customers will see a special Hawaii Pre-clearance desk, where our team members ensure that every passenger is prepared for arrival in Honolulu. For our transiting customers, we also have a desk set up at the departure gate to assist them before they board.”


“Testing is the key to opening domestic and international travel so we’ll continue to lead the way in rolling out solutions to make our customers’ air travel safer and easier,” Shinohara said. “Our focus is to keep our customers and employees safe throughout their entire journey with us, and this is another step toward helping them to feel more confident about traveling again.”

Earlier this week, United announced a new Travel-Ready Center in the United app and online where customers can review Covid-19 travel requirements, find local testing options, and upload any testing and vaccination records that their destinations require. (United Airlines)

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