Tech for small businesses

By Jay Shedd

It has been said that small businesses are the engine of the economy and I truly believe this. Small businesses represent the purest form of commerce. They create two-thirds of new jobs each year, adding greatly to the economic growth.

They also make a difference in the community because they serve friends and neighbors and make meaningful connections.

So, it’s important to me to make sure that small businesses find the right tools they need to succeed, and mobile technology is one such tool that can help a small business grow and deliver quality products and services.

Mobile technology goes where the user goes. It’s the backbone of how businesses communicate with clients, partners and employees. It has eliminated physical borders, giving access to opportunities around the world.

Businesses can reach the global market online and interact with them in real-time, as well as collaborate with employees using productivity tools like Trello or Slack, or simply through email and other instant messaging programs. Conversely, mobile technology can be used to reach the local market by targeting location, interests, gender and other demographics.


Businesses can use different technologies to reach a broader customer base locally and abroad, such as social media, websites, Search Engine Optimization and mobile applications.

Data can be collected and used to more accurately see what customers like and get instant customer feedback that can help improve products.

Mobile is now another customer touchpoint. According to Pew Research Center, 37 percent of Americans now go online mostly using a smartphone.