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New group paves way for FSM’s elderly to have a say in decision making process

NSCA allows FSM’s senior citizens to participate in future dialogs with the municipal and state government to identify their needs.. Photo courtesy of SPC

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The older people of the Federated States of Micronesia, whose voices are typically muted, will no longer be mere fencesitters hoping for policymakers to make the right decisions for them.

The FSM has registered Net’s Senior Citizens Association (NSCA) as a legal entity that will advocate for the senior citizens' rights and open the doors for the elderly to participate in decision-making at the national and local level, the Pacific Community (SPC) announced today.

The NSCA was registered by the Pohnpei-based Net Indigenous Women Council Association (NIWCA).

“Mobilizing senior citizens to actively participate in the decision-making process of net municipal government’s program through the formal registration of NSCA as a legal entity has been an aspiration of NIWCA,” said Ruth Iriarte, NIWCA president.

Salter Pluhs, NSCA chairperson, said the association aims to promote the rights of senior citizens through active community participation that will be grounded in inclusive cultural values.


According to SPC, the NIWCA originated from the Net Municipal, one of the six municipal government councils in the FSM State of Pohnpei and strives to promote the active participation of women and senior citizens in net municipal government council’s program.

The program is funded through SPC’s Pacific People Advancing Change grant.

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