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More FSM citizens stranded on Guam scheduled for repatriation next week

Palikir, Pohnpei— The government of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) announced that 65 more FSM citizens who remained stranded on Guam will be brought back home on June 7.

They represent the second batch to be repatriated since the first group arrived home earlier this month.

The FSM government has also announced that Congress has extended the declaration of public health emergency to Sept. 30.

The FSM government said all the protocols for repatriation are consistent with the declaration of a public health emergency.

The repatriating citizens include stranded medical patients and their respective attendants, students, essential personnel, and families accompanying human remains.

With limited exceptions, such as U.S. citizens who are otherwise part of a Micronesian family, and essential personnel—such as medical doctors, whose citizenship is of a foreign country—all repatriating persons are citizens of the FSM. Without exception, all repatriating persons are full-time residents of the FSM.


The 65 citizens and residents will enter into a designated pre-quarantine site in Guam on May 31. To enter into pre-quarantine, all repatriating persons, with limited exceptions (e.g. minors, pregnant women), will demonstrate possession of documentary evidence showing they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Additionally, all repatriating persons will demonstrate evidence of a negative PCR-based Covid-19 test prior to entering the pre-quarantine site. All repatriating citizens will be tested again prior to departure to the FSM.


Consistent with the requirements imposed upon FSM citizens to be fully vaccinated, with limited exception, and tested negative for Covid-19 prior to departure to the FSM, all crew on the international commercial carrier will also be fully vaccinated, and able to demonstrate documentary evidence of a negative PCR-based Covid-19 test 72 hours prior to travel.

Repatriation plans for FSM citizens stranded in other locations are tentatively scheduled for June 17 and 26.

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