Logging exposé in the Solomon Islands leads to timber companies’ suspension

Rampant logging to meet international demand for timber is threatening the forests of the Solomon Islands. Photo by Ofani Eremae.

By Imelda Abano

The Solomon Islands in the Pacific region is endowed with idyllic beaches and vast biodiverse rainforests. But beneath its picture-perfect scenery lurks a troubled reality.

The country already bears the brunt of climate change impacts such as rising sea levels and frequent typhoons of escalating intensity.

But perhaps what concerns its remote, Indigenous communities most is the extent of unsustainable and allegedly illegal logging that has begun to decimate their natural forests.

To uncover the rampant unsustainable logging in Solomon Islands, investigative journalist Ofani Eremae from the Island Sun Daily News Online sought to embark on a journey to Korona on San Jorge Island in the Solomon Islands’ Isabel Province – a region that is heavily threatened by logging activities.

Eremae applied for an EJN story grant through the Asia-Pacific Project and was awarded travel funds to make the trip in November 2020.

“The illegal logging in Korona was a gross violation of the country’s environmental laws. That’s really what drove me to investigate this issue,”