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It’s a worldwide masquerade party! Woohoooo!

ART THERAPY By Donna Hope Blas

Cue music…

Listen. Do you hear it? The tune of “Masquerade” from the “Phantom of the Opera” soundtrack. “Masquerade, hide your face so the world will never find you…”

I beg to differ, y’all! These pandemic masks can’t hide anyone! Why, just the other month I walked into an airplane with my black mask on and someone said out loud, “Hi, Donna!” Yup, can’t go incognito anywhere these days. But in ye olde days, you could.

Why would anyone wear a mask or attend a masquerade party anyway? The thrill of anonymity, of course. To be someone you’re not and unleash the passion within.

Cue song: “Prima Donna.”

Think about it. Because of the pandemic we’ve all been wearing masks, so let’s make it official. I’d like to invite you to the biggest masquerade party in the Pacific.

In perpetuating the Chamorro Culture through the Arts, The Guam Gallery of Art in the Chamorro Village will be hosting "A Masquerade of Art," its second art event for 2021.

It will be an evening of sharing the arts from the perspective of the participating Guahan Artists.

Please support the artists by appreciating their creation for that festive evening of art presentation.

The following artists will be showcasing their art: Tim Hanley, Dorathina Herrero, Monica Baza, Steve Hardy, Toru Matsunaga , Michael Lujan Bevacqua, Vera De Oro, Donna Hope Blas (yours truly), Tim Rock, Sumahi Chan Bevacqua, Zamie Zamora, Cielo Delos Reyes , Viktoria B. Sayrs, Mar-Vic Cagurangan, Camille Cox, Jan Iriarte, Victor Korotkov, Angela Guerrero, Elmore Moe Cotton (RIP ) and Joshua Barrigada Agerstrand.

The Micronesian mark: On the topic of masks…let’s look back on our area history. Our neighboring islands have been masquerading about for quite some time now. In Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Borneo, masks are part of their culture.

Micronesia, or more specifically, Guam and the Marianas Islands, however, were not part of the party. Boo!

The Mortlock Islands is the only area in the Micronesian region that has masks in their culture.

According to The British Museum, this mask was produced in the Caroline Islands. The Findspot, however, was in the Satawan Atoll in the Federated States of Micronesia: Chuuk Lagoon.

I had the opportunity to visit Chuuk. When they said we were going on a “picnic,” I didn’t expect to be swept off on a boat to a private island. I had the best time there, especially since it was the 60th Peace Memorial Ceremony commemoration of Operation Hailstone. All came together in peace for a memorial service.

Wear your masks: Let’s face it, it’s now a part of today’s culture. I hope not for long though. Masks are used for many reasons. Maybe for ceremonial purposes; some to ward off evil; others to cover the faces of their dead.

Now we wear masks to save lives — or because we’re mandated to. For whatever reason, I’m sure it’s all for our best interest.

Be the life of the party. Put on your mask and join us at the Masquerade Art Exhibit.

We will do our best to maneuver through the mandates to ensure all our safe during this event. Go to for more information about the requirements.

And now, maestro, we end with “The Music of the Night.”

Donna Hope Blas is a restoration & 3D artist. She is the co-owner of The Guam Gallery of Art at the Chamorro Village. Donna is not a therapeutic doctor or therapist of any kind but she does love a good cup of coffee and conversation (air hugs). Send feedback to

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