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Heartbreaks and delusions

Saipan editor releases fourth book

Zaldy Dandan, editor of Marianas Variety and columnist for the Pacific Island Times has released his fourth book, “If He Isn’t Insane Then He Should Be: Stories & Poems from Saipan,” which is now available on

In this collection of stories about Filipino contract workers on Saipan, Dandan depicts their all-too-human longings, heartbreaks and delusions that verge on the tragic and/or comic.

In “Tapochao,” the protagonist seeks God’s help in untangling a romantic knot. In “Moving On,” a philanderer agonizes over the shocking murder of his ex.

In “Jude the Borgesian,” a writer-wannabe befriends a literary genius who despises literature. And in “Handyman,” we meet a married man in his 50s still clinging to the memory of a lost love after a near-death experience.

As for the (almost) postcard-like poems, they are about some of the island’s most fascinating features and bits of history served with fruit bat soup.

Zaldy Dandan

Dandan is the recipient of the Best Editorial Writer Award of the Society of Professional Journalists, and the CNMI Humanities Award for Outstanding Contributions to Journalism.

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