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Fiji's skincare products made from seaweed now commercially available

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

An innovative all-natural skincare product range produced by a Fiji manufacturer from seeweed is now available in the market, according to Pacific Trade Invest NZ or PTI.

PTI, an agency under the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, said Farmers stores throughout New Zealand are now carrying Nama Fiji, the premium skincare brand of Essence Group Fiji.

Nama (Caulerpa racemosa) is a unique aquaculture commodity (a species of sea grape) that grows wild in the pristine blue lagoon waters of the remote Yasawa Islands region of Fiji. It is known the "superfood of the sea."

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Nama Fiji skincare range to 23 key Farmers stores nationwide," said Debra Sadranu, managing director of Essence Group.

"The natural skincare category continues to go from strength to strength and the unique ingredients and sustainable harvesting programme in Nama Fiji that supports the local Fijian island community generates a really powerful story. We are delighted to be bringing the Nama Fiji range to our NZ customers," Sandranu said.


In a paper published in Women in Fisheries, authors Cherie Morris and Shirleen Bala write, “The health benefits of Caulerpa include the low-calorie content; iodine, which keeps the thyroid gland healthy and thus reduces the chances of goiter and high fatty acids, chlorophylls a and b; and β-Carotene.”

Nama Fiji was founded by Sadranu, who first came to Fiji in the 1990s and established a Spa School and Senikai Spas, a chain of spas in luxury hotels and resorts.

Through a partnership with James Cook University in Australia, she also verified that nama, a long-time local Fijian delicacy, also has beneficial properties for the skin due to its high concentration of minerals and vitamins when compared to other types of seaweed. Nama has earned the name "longevity seaweed' because of this.

According to a press release from PTI, the Nama Fiji skincare product range caters to women aged 30 years and older.


Nama is harvested by women in the tropical lagoons of the Fiji archipelago.

"Naturally, Essence Fiji has a focus on sustainable harvesting efforts that positively impact the livelihood of Fijian women and their families. Indeed for most of the Fijian nama harvesters, this is their sole source of income; and so plays a vital role in the social cohesion of their communities," PTI said.

Nama regenerates rapidly (within three weeks) and harvesting it does not negatively impact the ecosystem.

“We are excited to showcase our Fiji Made premium skincare brand to the New Zealand market and our agent Nama Spa New Zealand is busy with merchandising preparation to stock Farmers department stores ready for customers to purchase directly from them," Sadranu said.

Kylie Pistorius, Farmers New Zealand representative, expressed support for the partnership which is an exciting opportunity to reinforce positive collaboration between the renowned New Zealand retail chain and Essence Group Fiji.

"Farmers is a highly competitive retail chain.," said Glynis Miller, PTI Trade commissioner in NZ. "They have been around for over four decades and have a strong brand across Aotearoa. For a luxury range to land a presence in not only one but many stores across the country is commendable".

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