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Docomo Pacific completes network enhancement project

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Docomo Pacific has completed its multi-million dollar mobile network investment aimed at enhancing its service in Guam and the CNMI with faster mobile speeds, improved reliability and greater coverage.

Docomo said the project fortifies 4G LTE connectivity which carries the majority of the mobile traffic on Guam and the CNMI.

"While we are focused on technology leadership and expanding our high-speed 5G network, we continue to enhance our extensive 4G LTE network. The majority of mobile phone users have 4G LTE-enabled phones and continue to connect using 4G LTE," said Roderick Boss, CEO of Docomo Pacific.

"These upgrades significantly improve the connection speeds, allowing us to maintain an excellent mobile experience while providing for the growing demands from data-heavy applications," he added.

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Boss said Docomo's network uses multiple technologies aimed at providing its subscribers with a reliable network.

"We have an exciting roll-out of network services planned this year and fortifying the backbone of mobile connectivity within the Marianas was an essential step," Boss said.

Docomo said for the past 20 years, the company "has consistently delivered the latest in mobile network technology in the Marianas."


Docomo listed its network milestones:

  • Guam's first telecommunications service provider to introduce the fastest 3G network.

  • Attained the Global Wireless Solutions OneScore award for ranking the most reliable mobile network on the island using independent testing.

  • Completed the construction of the 183-mile ATISA submarine fiber optic cable system connecting Guam to the CNMI. ATISA was the first new undersea cable in nearly twenty years connecting Guam and the CNMI. ATISA made it possible for the people of the CNMI to experience the same world-class products and services already available to customers in Guam.

  • Invested over $16 million for the cable and an additional $9 million to modernize and expand the CNMI fixed and mobile networks to include 4G LTE.

  • In 2019, Docomo was the first telecommunications service provider to launch fixed 5G in the Marianas with Mobile 5G launched in 2020.

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