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Democratic primary open to all voters

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

In light of the Guam Election Commission’s April 27 letter, expressing that “it would be extremely difficult to plan and conduct a closed primary election at this time,” the Democratic Party of Guam’s Central Executive Committee has voted to allow for its Democratic primary to remain open to non-affiliated voters.

“The Central Executive Committee still intends to ensure a closed primary in future elections to end the partisan electioneering that affects the democratic process in selecting our Party’s nominees. Democrats have been and will always be the biggest tent of ideas and policies that work towards equality and social justice," said Anthony Babauta, the party's chair.

"We hope that moving forward, the Guam Election Commission in good faith takes actionable steps to comply with the Lamorena order. This is neither a retreat nor surrender of our Party’s position -- but a statement to ensure that all who are responsible will work closely with us to ensure that affiliated voters have the opportunity to elect the nominees who represent them," Babauta added.


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