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Dededo entrepreneur featured in best-selling anthology book

Within hours after its release, “When Women Heal” shot straight to the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s bestseller charts for more than 10 categories, including “inspiration and spirituality,” “entrepreneurship and home-based business” and “business biographies.”

The book, subtitled “An Anthology of the Magical Ripple Effect of Success When Women Heal and Lead Themselves,” is a collection of women’s stories compiled by Natasha Bray, a psychology expert and the founder of the School of HealingMastery

Beaudy Marea Gogue Camacho,

The moment we have the courage to heal ourselves, we create a ripple effect for our families, our clients and all we come into contact with. This anthology features the stories of the powerful women trailblazers and changemakers who have done exactly that,” reads the book’s synopsis. “’When Women Heal’ reveals how healing was a potent catalyst for change for each of the contributing authors.”

One of the 16 featured authors is Beaudy Marea Gogue Camacho,

young entrepreneur from Dededo. The 28-year-old is the founder of Fundforte and Beaudy Co. Labs and a business mentor for Female Entrepreneur Association International and a local ASIST trainer with the Guam PEACE Office.

Camacho bravely shares her story about healing from trauma and her positive transformation. She shares how being a “people pleaser” created “a destructive and toxic path” in her life, and learning how to live a passion-led life helped change all that.

Being a part of the entire process has been such a beautiful adventure. It has allowed me to be even more transparent with myself,” Camacho said. “I used to think that I strived for so much in life because there were voids to fill. But now, as I continue to write and recollect all the traumatic and beautiful events in my life, I see that I strive for everything I want because living my best life is how I can continue to show gratitude.”

“When Women Heal” includes the stories of 16 women, who narrated honest accounts of childhood abuse, domestic violence, early widowhood and near-death experiences. They spoke about how they overcame these traumatic experiences. Each woman’s story is very different but there are so many parts of their journey that we can all relate to.

“The fact is, we all have things to heal from, whether we believe we have been through ‘trauma’ or not. We all have emotional wounds that haven’t had the metaphorical stitches they need to fully heal and learning ways to move on from these is truly life-changing,” Bray said.

“These incredible women leave you with a strong message of hope, inspiration and optimism as they share their stories of great success because when women heal, we change the world,” said Bray, who created the book published by Authors&Co.


Abigail Horne, the founder of Authors & Co., said her organization works with entrepreneurs “who want to make an impact through leaving their legacy and the audience we serve are those with inquiring minds, keen to drink in information, and learn from others’ experiences. Our authors always lead their readers to reflect on their own lives and if aligned, make use of the teachings to move forward themselves.”

“When Women Heal” is a fundraising book for the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, a charity that supports survivors of childhood abuse.

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