Crisis looms at Yap hospital

Updated: Mar 7

Legislature nixes salary raises for doctors; hospital official says low pay rates hamper recruitment

Yap State Memorial Hospital
Yap State Memorial Hospital is facing a crisis due to a limited medical staff. Photo by Joyce McClure

Editor's note: Gov. Henry Falan issued a clarification on March 3 to his recent executive order revoking Yap State Memorial Hospital fees. The revocation is only for the $10 “after-hours encounter” fee which has been reverted to the normal $2 fee. All other fees established in 2018 remain the same.

Colonia-- Yap is one of a handful of places on the globe that remains free of Covid-19 due to its locked border. But healthcare leaders on the small island agree that it will only be a matter of time until the virus breaches its shores when the border is reopened.

The state’s Health Crisis Task Force has worked around the clock for the last year preparing for that eventuality.