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CNMI continues to experience Covid surge; 98 new cases reported

Saipan-- After several months of enjoying a flatline, the CNMI now continues to see a surge in Covid-19 transmissions, reporting 98 new cases-- the largest number in a single day reported since last year.

The CNMI's total number of cases has risen to 572 cases since March 28, 2020.

The individuals were identified and confirmed through surveillance testing on Nov. 22. The individuals and their high-risk contacts have been isolated and are actively monitored. Of the 98 new cases, 82 were identified via community-based testing, 13 via contact tracing, and 3 at the CHCC. The vaccination statuses of the 98 new cases are: 74 fully vaccinated, 12 unvaccinated, 9 partially vaccinated, and 3 ineligible for vaccination.

The community is reminded to practice the 3 W's: wear a mask, wash your hands, and watch your distance. Since Oct. 28, there have been 281 new cases, of which 132 were identified via contact tracing, 138 were identified via community testing, and 11 were identified via travel testing. A total of 622 COVID-19 tests were conducted on Nov. 22, which comprises travel testing and surveillance testing.

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