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China Airlines adds more flights to Palau

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

China Airlines will add more flights to its Palau route beginning Nov. 16.

The Taiwan-based carrier said its all-new A321neo passenger aircraft, with a 180-seat capacity, will fly the route every Wednesday and Saturday, providing travelers with more flexibility in their itinerary and a better flying experience.

The Taiwan-Palau route has been a fixture of the China Airlines network and the convenience of direct flights has helped boost tourism as well as cultural and business exchange between the two countries.

Special promotional airfare is now being offered during the 2022 Taipei International Travel Fair with Economy Class starting from TWD 9,000.

China Airlines, currently the only carrier flying the Taiwan-Palau route, began offering charter flights to Palau in 2008 and scheduled services were formally launched in 2009.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, China Airlines provided air service to transport prevention supplies, students, and medical patients seeking treatment in Taiwan, and in organizing humanitarian flights.

In April 2021, China Airlines partnered with Taiwanese travel agencies to organize the Taiwan-Palau travel bubble and this year marked the 14th anniversary of the Palau route being opened.

Last week, Taiwan Vice President Lai Ching-te visited Palau, where he met with Palauan President Surangel Whipps Jr. to discuss the revival of tourism.


Lai led a delegation comprising government officials and business representatives, including travel agencies, to explore ways to bring more Taiwanese tourists to Palau.

During the visit, Lai and Whipps also discussed how Taiwan and Palau can work together on combating climate change and contribute to global endeavors to address related problems.

According to China News Agency, Lai also attended a groundbreaking ceremony for a new road in the Palauan capital funded by Taiwan's government and visited Taiwan's technical mission in the Pacific island nation.

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