Big things can come in small packages

Guam powers up commercial drone enterprise but the industry entails security concerns

As 2021 begins, there is an increased awareness of the need to rise up and recover. The urgency to rebuild is real and Guam has taken measures to help jumpstart new industries— one of which is the commercial drone.

Bill 217-35, now Public Law 35-118, modifies Guam law to entice and establish the potential of a commercial drone industry on the island.

“The law includes the commercial drone industry within the matrix of qualified industries that would qualify for Guam Economic Development Authority’s Qualifying Certificate program,” Sen. James Moylan, who authored P.L. 35-118.

“Plus, the language is broad enough to include businesses which manufacture commercial drones, or utilize it for aspects such as logistics, landscaping, training, or many other uses. In other words, the measure was not intended to be a one-size-fits-all, rather it is intended to attract various types of businesses who are tied into the commercial drone industry.”

With a new law designed to pave the way for a commercial drone industry on Guam, security issue is one aspect of this business that policymakers and security officials will have to watch out for.