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Ambassador: Palauan flag has no place in riot

Hersey Kyota

The Palau flag should never be associated with acts of violence or destruction of properties, according to Hersey Kyota, Palau's ambassador to the United States, who expressed displeasure over the display of the nation's colors during the deadly political riot in Washington D.C. Wednesday.

"Peaceful demonstrations are part of democracy, and every

person has the right to speak up and participate in that process," Kyota said in a statement.

While the thousands of Palauans and Palauan-Americans living in the U.S. have the right to express their political voice, Kyota said the flag of "has no place in the disorder and unlawful act that took place at the U. S. Capitol in Washington, D.C."

Four people died when President Donald Trump supporters occupied the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to overturn America's presidential election and keep Democratic President-elect Joe Biden from assuming the presidency.

"I was deeply disappointed to see our flag carried by a rioter at the U.S. Capitol. This was outright wrong and absolutely unacceptable," Kyota said.

"To that person, who carried the flag I say: If you love the Republic of Palau, please do not embarrass her and her people. I hope I will never see our flag displayed in such an embarrassing way again," he added.

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