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All Bank of Guam locations closed this week for company-wide staff training

The Bank of Guam is temporarily closing all its locations this week for a two-day company-wide staff training.

"Everyone is to attend so we need to close for the day. To accommodate for time zones, the only way to pull it off is to close all locations," said Joaquin Cook, the bank's president and CEO.

"Guam, CNMI and San Francisco will be closed on the 17th (16th in California) and the island branches on the 18th. It is all very exciting and an investment we are making to improve on our already great team," Cook said.

BOG's branches in Palau, Federated States of Micronesia and Marshall Islands will also close on March 18.

While declining to provide details of the training, Cook said "the executive management and senior leadership teams are all very excited about it."

BOG is celebrating its 49th anniversary this month.

"This is exciting for us as we join the rest if our teams across the Pacific as we dive deep into something new," the BOG San Francisco branch states in an advisory.

While the bank locations will not be open during regular branch hours, the management advises clients that the online and mobile banking platform will be available to process transactions. "However," it added, "wires which require manual processing will likely be delayed for one day."


In January, BOG announced the official closure of its Dededo and Harmon branches in preparation for "The Start of Something New."

"Over the years, the bank has invested heavily in its digital banking capabilities to deliver greater accessibility, convenience and security to its customers. The pandemic-related demand for digital options has elevated the need for on-demand, reliable and safe access to banking services," the company stated in a press release on Jan 30.

"Coined 'The Start of Something New,' the bank promises a forward-looking, integrated approach to the experience offered to their customers, bridging a legacy of personalized services alongside the leading-edge conveniences of digital banking," the bank said.


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