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AK announces $18M project on Saipan

By Pacific Iland Times New Staff

Atkins Kroll Inc. announced plans to build a new AK Toyota Lexus Automotive Sales and Service Center and Vehicle Repair Shop, an $18 million project that will be relocated in the district of Puerto Rico on Saipan.

The new dealership will serve as AK’s CNMI headquarters and will be the first Lexus dealership to open in the CNMI, where the company is marking its 55 years of business operations.

“For 55 years, AK Toyota has proudly served the CNMI community, and we are committed to investing in the future,"said Alex Hammett, managing director of developing markets at Atkins Kroll. "Constructing a new dealership will allow us to expand our footprint to introduce Lexus into the market and better cater to our customers for years to come,"

AK said the new state-of-the-art Lexus dealership will reflect a new era of luxury and service for customers throughout the CNMI.

On Aug. 9, AK applied for a major siting permit with the CNMI’s Division of Coastal Resource Management office for the project, which will be built along Chalan Pale Arnold in Puerto Rico on land owned by Albert LG Camacho and his family, longstanding residents and business owners in Puerto Rico.

AK will occupy a portion of the Camacho land, which was first developed in the 1960s. The lot is adjacent to the Camacho family’s MH1 and MH2 buildings.

“Our family is pleased to have found a quality partner to develop on our land. AK has been in the CNMI for more than five decades, and our family confidently supports this project. We believe AK’s expansion in the CNMI will be good for our people and the economy,” said Albert LG Camacho.

“The new dealership will be adjacent to our cousin Efrain Camacho’s buildings – MH1 and MH2 – and will positively contribute to the overall modernization of the area.”

AK said it will invest $18 million in the project. The new facility will be constructed with innovative features that will minimize noise and emission levels, incorporate energy-saving fixtures, and utilize the latest tools to improve employees’ work experience.

AK’s architects and engineers have completed all necessary environmental assessments to ensure that the dealership’s design adheres to Environmental Protection Authority requirements. Plans for the property include the removal of abandoned buildings on the lot, overall beautification of the area, planting of trees and landscaping, and improving visibility and security in the area.

“We believe our new headquarters will allow us to contribute to the future growth of the Marianas. Expanding our business will also open up more career paths and training opportunities for our team and allow us to offer more jobs,” Hammett said. “AK is committed to the CNMI, and this investment is one way to show our commitment for the next 55 years.”

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