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A vibrant showcase of moments

By Myracle S. Mugol

Guests gathered at the Lees-Reyes Art Gallery on Feb. 17 for the unveiling of two exhibitions. Found at the Tumon Sands Plaza, this dynamic space serves as a space for Guam's vibrant artistic community, offering a platform for local talents to shine while welcoming residents and visitors to immerse themselves in a diverse array of creative expressions with every visit.


Eunkyung Jeon

The first exhibition, "Rest…For A Moment: Paintings by Eunkyung Jeon (Julie So)," introduced viewers to the stunning works of Eunkyung Jeon, also known as Julie So. The theme served as a reflection of the challenges faced by both the community and the artist herself over the past year.


Against the backdrop of Guam's resilience in the face of natural disasters like Typhoon Mawar and personal loss, Eunkyung Jeon's paintings offered solace and tranquility. Through her use of sand as a primary medium, she captured the transformative power of nature and the enduring resilience of the human spirit.

In her artist's statement, Eunkyung Jeon expressed her hope that viewers would find comfort and peace as they explored each artwork, allowing themselves to "rest for a moment" amid the chaos of life.

Visitors have until April 2 to experience the transcendent beauty of Jeon's creations and can follow her ongoing endeavors on Instagram @bwjulie.

Next door is "Moment in Time - Photography Group Show," featuring an eclectic ensemble of photographers capturing Guam's essence through their distinct perspectives. Each image serves as a portal to a unique “moment in time.

Satpo Curl by Johnatan Barber

From Johnatan Barber's breathtaking seascapes to Vikki Fong’s capture of a day in the life of a small family pet, to Linda Frank‘s “Ayuyu” which was the result of an encounter with a curious crab that pause for her to take its photo, each encapsulates the serendipitous nature of photography, where even the most mundane moments can yield extraordinary results.


John Souter, Victor Consaga, Olympia Terral, Devavani Lawrence, Vikki Fong, Linda Frank, Carole Piercy, Jonatan Barber, Don Sulat, Barbara Benavente and Stanley Au create an exhibition that offers a kaleidoscopic journey through Guam's landscapes, seascapes, and everyday encounters. This exhibition ends on March 10.


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