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A family that paints together …

‘Art Alchemy—Elixir of Generations and Mediums’

    From left, Ryan Grey Santos, Jay Buhain Redila, Rubyjane Buhain Redila, and John Ruffy Buhain

By Myracle S. Mugol


Creativity runs in this family. Meet John Ruffy Buhain, his daughter RubyJane Buhain Redila, and his grandson Jay Buhain Redila. The family from Dededo mounted a group exhibit for the first time. They were joined by Jay’s friend Ryan Grey Santos at the art show titled "Art Alchemy—Elixir of Generations and Mediums," which opened at the CAHA Art Gallery in Hagatna on April 6.

Hosted by the Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities, the exhibition, which ends on May 3, showcases a dynamic fusion of perspectives and mediums.

 John Buhain, a businessman and retired U.S. Navy, discovered his talent for drawing in high school and perfected his skills throughout his college year. He specializes in portraits using charcoal and pencil.

Rubyjane Buhain Redila, a creative entrepreneur with a degree in marketing from the University of Guam, has been a mainstay in the local art scene. She was a student of Ric Castro, a prominent Guam artist. Specializing in acrylic and oil paintings, she is drawn to different subjects, blending realism and abstract styles that reflect her versatility.

A self-taught artist, 18-year-old Jay Redila Buhain specializes in digital media. His creations were inspired by cartoons, anime and comic books. His most recent works are drawn to surrealism, revealing his maturity as an artist.

Ryan Grey Santos has dedicated his life to the pursuit of self-expression through his artwork which includes paintings and fashion design. He is a self-taught artist, who learned to paint through online resources. As he journeyed into adolescence, Ryan began exploring the vibrant world of acrylic.

Rubyjane Buhain Redila said the exhibition celebrated “the beauty and diversity of art.”

Representing different age groups, the artists bring forth a captivating blend of styles and techniques. Each artist presented a collection of works created using various mediums, including acrylic, oil, charcoal, pencil, marker, digital paintings and mixed media. The diversity reflects individuality, culture, and talent, forming an "alchemy of artistic expression that transcends generational boundaries."

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